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    All things are connected


    This blog follows from an exquisite Touch Practice last Friday where, after only a few minutes had passed, I had the sense that I was with a close friend that I had not seen for a very long time. My partner reported a similar experience, …

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    Living in Boston this week was…. Let’s just say it provided some material for reflection. What was particularly interesting, stressful, anxiety-making, for me, was yesterday. Yesterday, Boston was locked-down, with a stay-in-place order. Everything that could close down, was closed down. Mass transit. Taxi service. …

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    Chasing the First High


    The phrase “chasing the first high” comes from addiction medicine, where the addict will return to a substance over and over again hoping to duplicate that first euphoric experience. But often, that first high is never to be had again. Subsequent experiences are never quite …

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    I’ve been thinking about what a potent force fear is, particularly from the point of view of leadership. What leaders decide to do with and about fear in their people is one of the most important distinguishing qualities of a leader, and one of the …

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