My Mission

My Mission

  • to physically hold men as a spiritual practice of compassion
  • to support and nurture physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, safety, and happiness
  • to be a conduit for empowerment, healing, self-acceptance, creativity, courage, joy, grieving, celebration, playfulness, and blessing
  • to facilitate deep, intimate, meaningful non-sexual connection with individual men, and within and between communities of men

My Vision

I envision a world where:

  • men touch and hold each other tenderly and instinctively, without reflexively sexualizing all touch
  • men are skillful and graceful in defining and protecting their own touch boundaries, and recognize and respect the touch boundaries of others
  • men offer each other mentorship, brotherhood, care, empowerment, inspiration, courage, compassion, and comfort using physical touch
  • men acknowledge that sexual desire and expression exists along a continuous and fluctuating spectrum, and no longer feel required to categorize each other as ‘gay’ or ‘straight’

My Values

I am not professionally trained, licensed, or certified by any formal agency. My practice is solely intuited, self-discovered, and led by Spirit. However, I hold myself to a personal code of ethics. I pledge:

  • To share Touch Practice with individuals and groups as a gift freely given, as much as I am able. I do not accept money or other compensation for Touch Practice.
  • To do no harm, either to myself or to any individual; to create and hold safe space for myself and others
  • To conduct Touch Practice as a part of my personal sacred practice; to bring my very best and highest self to my work; to treat the work with reverence
  • To practice with kindness, humility, integrity, sensitivity, respect, and acceptance towards others, to the very best of my ability
  • To hold Touch Practice with gentle grasp, understanding that I did not create it and do not own it. I am a conduit for the practice; I carry it where it leads me. It preceded me, and will continue after I am gone.

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