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  • Us Soldier Flag1

    A Thank You To Soldiers


    It is fair to say that every time I share Touch Practice with another man, it is a life-changing experience for me. It’s not possible to hold someone for an hour and not be deeply touched (pardon the pun) on every level. But some of …

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  • 507241

    Men are Animals! Packing Behavior and Puppy Piles


    One of the most profound influences on our behavior as men is not something we think about very often, because it is hardwired into us on a deeper level of the brain. Humans, like dogs, wolves, apes, zebras, and many other mammals, experience “packing instinct.” …

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  • Buddha Mind

    Out of my Mind: The Limits of Talk Therapy


    One of the greatest moments of my life occurred on a Thursday evening when, at the end of a yoga class during the shavasana period, I, quite literally, went out of my mind.  That is, I felt my own sense of self fall down out …

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  • Buddda Mind2

    Touch as a Spiritual Practice?


    People sometimes ask why I don’t accept money for Touch Practice, or why I don’t “market” it more aggressively. Sometimes men who would like me to hold them will ask me what my “type” is. My reply is “I don’t have a ‘type’. The people …

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