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  • Love And Heart

    Show me where it hurts


    Mentally rehearse/imagine these situations happening to you, and pay particular attention to what you feel in your physical body even as you just pretend your way through these hypothetical scenarios: 1. You return to the lot where you parked your car before meeting friends for …

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  • 862 13358150471

    Disappointing Me


    Sometimes I find myself disappointing, and most of the time, I deal with that by not paying much attention to it. But in the spirit of Touch Practice (breathe, lean into the edge, accept all the parts of your experience) I decided to lean into …

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  • 34750 700b2

    Holding people when you can’t touch them


    I had a very interesting experience this week attending a reunion of my college fraternity. There were hundreds of guys from many different chapters ranging in age from undergrads through their 70’s from all over the country, but the vast majority of people in attendance …

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  • Breath In

    The Body Never Lies


    The body is the only piece of original equipment in our human experience. Everything else is an add-on, something we build, import, synthesize, imagine, or acquire. The only part of you that is “original you” is your body. The rest is manmade. When a baby …

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