Monthly Archive for: ‘August, 2012’

  • Earth Orbit

    Where in the world….?


    Sometime this week, will welcome its 20,000th reader. It seems like just yesterday I was struggling to come up with my first blog and learn how to paste images and format text; now, suddenly, I’m having trouble keeping them below 2,000 words. It’s been …

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  • My Turn New

    My Turn


    I had the most extraordinary personal experience with Touch Practice this week. When I teach Touch Practice to groups, I often work with a co-facilitator, particularly if the group is large. My co-facilitator is a very gifted man, equipped in many ways: he’s compassionate, he …

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  • Soul Leaving Body Sm1

    The Energy Body


    In last week’s blog, I mentioned that my left thigh is sometimes ticklish, or otherwise sensitive to touch, because it holds the residue of a traumatic injury to that part of my body from many decades ago. Many people practicing various modalities of touch–massage, Reiki, …

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