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  • Cosmos 600px

    The Void


    Many of you are aware of an empty space deep within you. Often we’re completely unconscious of it, but occasionally we become aware of this deep, deep yearning, a loneliness, a desire for something outside of us. Sometimes it can be mild, like a craving, …

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    “Sharpening” and “softening” are two opposite techniques we can use to steer psychodynamic forces within groups. Both techniques can be applied skillfully or unskillfully to influence or manipulate behavior and experience. “Sharpening” is accomplished by intentionally exaggerating individual differences while minimizing or ignoring what we have …

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  • Beginner Mind

    How Will It Go?


    I’m impressed this week by how difficult it is to show up to our next experience, ANY experience, without having written, in some small way, an advance script of “how it will go.” This happens to me at work all the time. A meeting might …

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