Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2011’

  • 2MenHugging

    Clamping Around Emotion


    It is common that during the course of Touch Practice work, we experience emotions. Sometimes touching different parts of the body will elicit different emotions, some pleasant and welcome, others difficult and challenging to feel. Emotions normally pass across the energy body the way clouds …

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  • Beagle Puppy1

    The Puppy Body


    We tend to think of time in a linear way, although science suggests that time doesn’t really exist the way we construe it. Because we’re finite beings in this physical body, with a beginning, a middle, and an end, we see ourselves as existing on …

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  • Autumn Leaves Forest Trees1

    Letting Go


    Driving through the Vermont mountains yesterday, the trees were beginning to hint (in some places not so subtly) at that change of season which in this part of the country can be so breathtakingly beautiful. Beautiful, but ambivalent, for me: this final, dazzling array of …

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