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  • 120315 FAM LonelyBoy1

    Suffering as a bad habit (Part One)


    When I was a child, I had a number of rather intense friendships–and I liked intense friendships. There was something about closeness I thrived on, something about emotional intimacy which was meaningful to me. It made me feel fully alive and fully connected. Fairly early …

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  • Soldier Hugging Soldier11

    Making It Personal


    Something that has been inspiring, rewarding and educational for me these past few weeks is hearing from people who have experienced Touch Practice, either individually or in a workshop, who have then gone on to establish their own practice in one form or another. I …

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  • Kid Shouting1

    Managing Emotional Pain


    In the process of holding and sitting with many men, as with my own life, I’ve noticed different approaches for managing emotional pain. Most of us use all of these strategies at one time or another. Each strategy can be effective, or ineffective, depending on …

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