Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2012’

  • Memories

    Memory, Fantasy, Reality, and Time


    Eckhart Tolle’s brilliant book The Power of Now argues compellingly that the only thing that really exists, at all, is the thing we experience as “right now,” this moment. I think this book is insightful, and on one level I completely agree with him. The power of being …

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  • Wedding Rings70

    Marriage as a Weapon


    This was an interesting week in politics. President Obama shares in an interview that he feels personally supportive of the idea that all people, regardless of gender, should be able to marry. A few days later, Rick Santorum urges Mitt Romney to “step up and …

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  • Manhug

    Walks between Worlds


    I have learned everything I know about Touch Practice by practicing, by holding men. Hundreds of men. Hundreds of different men. Very, very different men. Some of the men I hold are conservative Republicans. Some are liberal Democrats. Some of the men I hold are …

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